Augmented Sofas

The project AUGMENTED SOFAS was an installation done in 2003 and that took place in Sidney, Australia and Berlin, Germany. Objectives: – To question the concept of identity and how society has identity stereotypes based upon physical characteristics Method: – Two inflatable sofas were set in two different locations, one in Sidney/Australia and the other […]

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Bio Mapping is a research project which explores new ways that we as individuals can make use of the information we can gather about our own bodies. Instead of security technologies that are designed to control our behaviour, this project envisages new tools that allows people to selectively share and interpret their own biometric data. […]

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Cityscapes is a project by the new media artist “Clark|KENT”. This blog reflects on-going work by the artist as well as previously released and un-released material by the artist under a Creative Commons License.

In this space you will be able to find information about that project and other projects where “Clark|KENT” is involved or co-operating.

“Clark|KENT” works with sound, video, sensors and other technologies as tools for his art work. Maintaining that technology should be used on the background and not as a present element on the exibithit/performance space, “Clark|KENT”‘s work can be seen permanently on the Museum of Modern Art, in Amsterdam, at the Pinakoteque der Moderne, in Munich and at the New Media Center in Toquio.

The on-going multi-site specific project “Cityscapes” has been presented in cities all over the globe including San Franciso, Berlin, Prague, Toquio, Barcelona and Madri.

In 2007 “cityscapes” will be presented in New York, Montreal, Marseille and Lisbon. Other cities still tbc.

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