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Clark|KENT started the “cityscapes” project in S.Francisco, comissioned by the art gallery “Southern Exposure”. At the time, the objective was to give the visitors of the gallery an “alien perspective of every day places around the city” and was filmed in the MiniDV format during 3 days prior to the opening. On the night of the opening, the audio and video material gathered, were manipulated live – using live performance software -.

Instead of being passive, the audience began to discuss among themselves what parts of the city were those, “where is this building that i never saw?“, un-aware that some of the footage that they were watching had previously been shot in Lisbon, Portugal.

Justaposing both the material shot in San Francisco and the material previously shot in Lisbon – both cities have in common not only the bridge, built by the same company, but also an identical geography of hills and even a similar earthquake history – an augmented city was created during the performance and the viewers made positive identification of it.

The CITYSCAPES project was thus born. Looking for rupture points but also similarities in the urban environment, Cityscapes adds new cities to its library and questions the viewers about their relation with the urban environment where they live.

(..) One living in a big urban environment will end making a village out of it. this village is made of discontinuous places in the city and the city, as a whole, becomes invisible. From this discontinuos village we all make personal snapshots, ‘polaroids’, and for every single building, street, burrough, public space there exist as many polaroids as people that have taken those spaces has part of their own village…(…)



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